You Pull The Moon Towards You

by Jello 64

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released October 8, 2014



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Jello 64 Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: You Pull The Moon Towards You
Nicola pours the bubble bath and stares at the screen
He's walking toward her, but lost in the scene
Of one more missed encounter, one more slave to fate
It hasn't forgotten them yet

Did she meet someone else maybe later that day?
When she heard a familiar voice, and she turned away
From the man on the screen, who was maybe the one
Her yearning and loneliness gone

Would he live a life void, with a love unredeemed
With a girl on his arm, of someone else's dreams
Did he love his children, or did he father none
His yearning and loneliness one

Middle section:

You say the sun is rising
How can it be in the dead of night?
Could it be that what I'm missing,
is a view from the other side?

You watch the world go round in circles
wondering if it's alright...

You pull the moon towards you
Like the sea in an endless tide (in an endless tide)
But if the moon ignores you
Part the waves with an elegant stride (with an elegant stride)

Can't you see that the only one who cares about you
is wondering if you're alright?

And if you can't see it coming (see it comin')
You'll never see such a beautiful sight (such a beautiful sight)
If you can then just keep running (just keep runnin'...ooooh ah hah hah)
One day you'll be ahead of the light (be ahead of the light)

And if you couldn't see what's in front of you,
tough shit baby 'cause I'm alright

You saw it comin' (saw it comin')
And you were always right
You pull the moon towards you (towards you)
(and saw it comin')
And you guessed right

I saw it comin' (saw it comin')
And I was always right
You pulled the moon towards you (towards you)
And I got caught in the tide

You drive me crazy
Pulling that face when you think I might
(when you think I might)
Be looking the wrong way (wrong way)
But you can't hide on the telephone line

(How to describe) Just what I'm feeling
So think of a word that you know will rhyme
(that you know will rhyme)
(with the words) With the words you're reading
(which words)(reading)
From the previous line, and you'll guess right

Instrumental section:

So she remained a mystery, never knowing she could
Have been his life's love, If only she'd looked
At the man on the screen, when she turned away
To the old friend she'd see every day.

Lyric and Music by James Gash
Track Name: The Ballad of Peter Bunyip
A robin sits on the Bunyip’s eye
Then turns, to fly
The Bunyip moves the earth subsides
He steps out, and smiles

From his earthen bed, Peter Bunyip said
How’d I take so long?
The ground here’s so cold, and I got so old
But though I’m slow, I’m still strong

When a river tires of flowing the same way
Look for what it left behind
Where the restless run but the story remains
Just look for the hidden signs

And when he calls, you hear his voice
From everywhere...and all around

Where a steam train glides on rails up high
Hold on tight and don’t look down
To the Emerald Lake and Australian blue skies
Blue Dandenongs in the clouds

What the story needs, the teller hides
Until it’s tell you the secret......

Peter Bunyip is always by your side
Just out, of sight
He changes shape he changes size
Colours, collide

But if you look fast, then you may see past
The magical disguise
What you’ll see is this, Peter Bunyip is
You and always has been.

Hidden in the underground
Peter Bunyip

Hidden but you’ll always find
Peter Bunyip

Lyric and Music by James Gash
Track Name: Callie
Callie was always the friend that she knew
Would set her heart free
Far away from her dreams and the shit in between
Was a world so unreal
But a crumbling rose that never regrows
Except on the inside
Will always be bruised by the thorn she removes
With the passing of time


When the world won't spin
But the room won't stop
How do you stop it spinning or how do you not?
When it's all to give
But it's all or not
Just give a little bit and say it's all that you've got

All the things that you do not for me they're for you
Still she thinks what she's told
But the thrill of the sin soon leaves you behind
When you're coming down cold
A little promise for me a little promise for you
Over watered down time
'till there's no obligation or commitment to give
And no meaning in sight


Middle 8

Goodnight princess with the chocolate eyes
Bye bye baby, bye bye!!
Goodnight princess with the chocolate eyes
Bye bye baby, bye bye!!

So the beautiful girl cried out from the screen
Either read or move on
She said, "Goodnight princess, with the chocolate eyes"
And her baby was gone
But if her words meant something even only to her
They could never mean more
So when sorrow begins, move back to the end
And move on like before



The world stops spinning
When you love everything that you've lost

Oh give love, give it,
Break the fall, give it up, give it all
Track Name: Once A Rock And A King
Hey girl, you got your check dress on
So let your red hair down, because it’s time to move on
You see far but you won’t see near
Keep it all to yourself so it’s no longer clear
Let go, when the going gets tough in your eyes
You know, that the reasons you gave are a lie

You pull excuses outta god knows where
Set your focus to spin, and spin it over again
Tell me you’re crying, but I see no tears
Build a wall sit in the corner, and cover your ears
Play on, coz the next one is on the horizon
You’re gone, given up so there’s nothing to fight for

It’s not enough to say you’re not enough for me
When you know I loved you way before I’d even said it
Don’t wanna change me say I’ve done nothing wrong
Then turn around and tell me all I did was wrong all along

Bah bah, baaaah....bah dah bahbah! (Repeat)
Whoo hoo Whay hey Whoo hoo Whayooh hoo Oo ’ooh
Whooh ooh ooh ooooh!
Hey Hey, HEY!
Bah bah, bah bah, bah bah, bah bah, bah bah, bah bah
Bah badda dadah!
Bah bah, bah bah, bah bah, bah bah, bah bah, baaaah!

I thought that love was here between us....
True love, would always come to keep us....
Your heart, was all I ever needed
But is this sad, sad song all that’s become of it all? (Repeat)

Well it’s the same old story that you’ve heard before
We’ve all been headin’ right towards it since the day we were born
Where the sun was shining and we changed it to rain
Twist it all our heads so we can do it again

Now there’s an answer you must find a problem for
When you wanna be free and you don’t care anymore
Because it’s not what you think that you thought that you could
It’s a message received, but not understood

Once the Moon and stars, and a rock and a king
Now you’re hiding from me like a ghost in the machine
The further you go, the further you have to travel home....

So if the question is should you ever fall in love?
Pick A or B or C or all the above
And if the answer was, but is no longer true
Flick a switch and it’s gone like it was nothing to you, Whoah’ohhh!

I thought that love was here between us....
True love, would always come to keep us....
Your heart, was all I ever needed
But is this sad, sad song all that’s become of it all?